Tuesday, April 19, 2005

William Alexander holding my finger.


  1. What a sweet blessing from the Lord! Rejoicing with you,
    The Serven family

  2. My sister beat me to it! But congratulations from the Servens a second time :). I was thinking of your Mom this very morning as I was reading Raising Maidens of Virtue. Of course I had no idea she had just given birth to your sweet brother!
    Please tell her I have been thouroughly enjoying Raising Maidens of Virtue. It has been a very thought provoking book and one I will definitely read again.

    So glad to hear all is well. Those first few days of life are so very precious. I remember with my youngest brother just wishing the clock would stop ticking.
    In Christ,

  3. Elizabeth Leger11:13 AM

    Congratulations on your beautiful brother Tiffany! Such a beautiful picture! Someone is a talented photographer. Love and prayers going to your Mom during these challenging, but amazing days!


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