Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mom and William Alexander


  1. Please tell your mom that this is a gorgeous picture and she and William Alexander are both beautiful!

    Melanie Young, one of your mom's friends from the National Conference

  2. Mrs. Young,

    Thanks! I'll tell her!

  3. Tiffany,

    Wow! Sounds like it was a fast labor!

    Hope all went well and your mom is feeling a bit better than she did in the 6 o'clock hour! Another McDonald boy, that is just great! Keep posting photos:)Your mom looks great in the photo...tell her I said so. Mothers love to hear that! Cute baby, cute name.

    Congrats big sister...

  4. Thanks, Sarah!

    It was a fast labor. The always are.

    She is doing very well. She recovered very quickly and is resting with the baby. I'll put photos up as soon as I get them from the camera.


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