Sunday, April 10, 2005

New Beginnings

With the approach of this new life, at the same time of the coming of Spring—when everything comes to life once more, when old things becomes new, it brings thoughts of new beginnings. As each new year approaches, most people tend to make “New Year’s Resolutions,” which sadly, are rarely ever kept. I find it interesting that the “new year” was actually celebrated at the beginning of April, in the early Spring, then later changed to January, the former a far more fitting time, in my opinion.

As I watch Spring drawing near, as the flowers start to bloom, as we anticipate the birth of our newest member, I’ve begun to think of new beginnings. We have started so many new things of late, embarked on new paths, adventures and journeys. The birth of this new child will make yet another change in our lives. Though this will bring challenges and trials, sweet moments and rich blessings also will follow. We are only brought along weary and difficult paths to strengthen our faith in Christ and ultimately, bring glory to our King.


  1. Tiffany!

    I didn't know you had a blog! Now I know how to find you and see what you are up to:)

    Thanks for the compliment on the are so fun to photograph.

    So glad that we met at MassHOPE last year.Actually we are headed there again at the end of the month...but I suppose you have already heard that through the grapevine:)

    Keep in touch!

  2. lol, Sarah. Yes, it is rather hard to keep up with me. ;-)

    Yes, I wish we were going to be able to make it to MassHOPE this year, but the baby will most likely make is entrance into this world anyday now, so we won't be able to attend. :( Say, has Nathan and Jeanine had their baby yet? I didn't see anything on your blog about it....

  3. Hey Tiffany!

    I'm glad you joined the blogging world! My sisters are having trouble pulling up your blog, but are still trying to figure out what is wrong. Keep us posted on the birth of the new baby. Whatever you do, have a great day!

  4. Thanks, Martha! I will keep y'all updated. It should be anyday now. I'll be sure to put photos up. Now, we just need to decide on a name. ;-)

  5. Tiffany,

    No baby in Milwaukee yet...any day now! Jeanine is due April 20th. I konw she is hoping that it will be sooner than that, but you never know with the first one!

    When Junior arrives, we will be sure to make a big announcement:)



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