Thursday, November 15, 2007

So, with no ice-cream in the house, which is our daily calcium intake...(I mean, Jessica's legs hurt if she doesn't get any...;-)) we didn't have much to do. (I know you have a hard time believing that the three of us girls found ourselves lacking the inspiration to do something...but it happened tonight...;-)) I have a few sewing projects I'm working on, but nothing really pressing...yet. :) So, I whipped out the camera and decided to take over some more hard-drive space with some *art-sy* photos that I entitled, "Letters From War."


  1. Ah hah! That's why my legs hurt all the time! I don't eat enough ice cream! No really, it's because of immunizations a long time ago but I wish ice cream or milk (which is less common then ice cream in our house) would help! =P

    All of said and done, in effect that all means "great photos, I love the lighting and colors".

  2. lol, we pick up four gallons of raw milk every we usually have plenty. The movers broke our ice cream machine, and they don't sell Blue Bell up here, so we have settled with two flavors from Prairie Farms, both are pretty good...but it doesn't stay on hand for very long...;-)

  3. Great job on th photos tiff!;D

  4. Life without Blue Bell....Life? :)

    Simply beautiful pictures :)


  5. Thanks, Lenna!


    Yeah, tell me about if you were planning on coming up for the holidays...bring some ice cream? :)

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    WOW, those are some great photos Tiffany. Out of curiosity what is you favorite Blue Bell ice cream flavor? T.C.C -Goose

  7. Four gallons of milk a week? We drink that much in one sitting, not kidding you! We should really get a milk cow =P
    Too bad about the ice cream maker. You should get another one. I've never had Blue Bell ice cream but my favorite flavor is Moose Tracks.

  8. Nathan

    Thanks! We just watched a really sad war movie, and so I kind of had this theme in mind. :) My absolute favorite flavor? Oh, that's hard...I think I'd have to say their Homemade Vanilla would be it. I know it sounds boring, but you can eat it plain, top it with whatever or make some tasty shakes...(I have a serious weakness for milkshakes...)


    Ohh....four gallons in one sitting makes me feel sick! I'm not a big milk drinker unless it has chocolate in it, and even then, I have make sure it doesn't smell funny before I drink it. I like picking it up...I'd rather not own my own dairy cow...*shiver*

    We finally found an ice cream maker that makes a TON of ice cream, so I think we'll be ordering it soon. :) I have another friend who likes Moose Tracks. I haven't tried it yet, maybe I'll pick up when I go back to the grocery store....

  9. Owning your own cow has it's own pros and cons. First off you would know if it stepped in the milk bucket or not. The decision now would be to keep it or not? My dad always kept it but just strained it. But it you buy raw milk like you do, but you don't know if they kept it or not if the cow stepped in it.

    Okay I think I have probably made you throughly think about your cup of milk before you drink it. *cheesy grin* =D

    *Added 5 minutes later*
    Well... just to make you feel better, they usually use milking machines so it's impossible for the cow to step in the milk.

  10. Vanilla wow, thats one you don't hear of to often. My favorite ice cream is mint chip. T.C.C -Goose-

  11. Hey Tiffany,
    Cute pictures.

    I like vanilla too, especially with Hot Fudge and Whipped Cream on top!
    but you should really try the moose tracks it's one of my other favorites besides: oreo, reeses, choc-chip cookie dough, and tin roof sundae.
    Have you ever tried Breyers, or Brahms? they have some of the best!
    Can't wait to see you we'll have to have an ice-cream feast!

  12. darby2:10 PM

    I have never had Blue Bell. Isn't that sad?

  13. Ya'll are giving me a craving for some raw milk:), I haven't had any for over 672 hrs and am simply dying to drink some. (that store-bought stuff just doesn't taste the same now)

    I don't suppose you titled your photos in any way after that song by Mark Schultz?

  14. lol, thanks Joe. :) Since they provide milk for a local dairy, they have to use machines.


    Your favorite from Blue Bell is Mint Chocolate Chip...or just your favorite in general? Prairie Farms has an okay vanilla, but it doesn't come close to comparing with Blue Bell. :)


    We have tried Breyers and I think it's dry...yeah, ice cream being dry doesn't really make much sense...I've had Brahams in their store, but I don't think they sell their ice cream in grocery stores here...but I'll have to look. They do have Ben and Jerry's which is pretty good, but they only come in those tiny little packages, so we would have to buy a TON for our family to eat. :) An ice cream feast sounds fabulous to me! :)


    You've been to Texas (and other places in the South) how many times? And you've never had Blue Bell?!?!?!?!? That's horrible! Well, every time we go back down South we usually bring a few 1/2 gallons with us, so let us know when y'all are coming for a visit, and we'll be sure to stock up on it! :)


    672 hours? How'd you figure that? :) The store bought stuff always smells funny...

    Yeah, I kind of thought about his song when I was taking the photos. But we just watched a war movie and when I came upstairs I saw a letter from my great-grandfather (who has very old-fashioned script) and some old photos with I made Melissa hold them for me. :) Somebody should make a movie based on that song...

  15. It's a complicated way of saying 28 days. :)

  16. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Just in general. Hey, Tiffany could you give Eph 6:18 to Jessica? Thanks.:) T.C.C -Goose-

  17. Oh yic, Breyers is icky... : D Go for Tillamook, any day of the week. (That's our Northwestern ice cream of choice.) Haagen Daaz never hurt anything either...(Except maybe your wallet. :> )

    Love the pictures, Tiffany! You have such a lovely flair for that sort of thing!

  18. What, not even a little doe-eyed Jersey-cow? LOL! I do the "sniff test" too. I doesn't matter so much, in your coffee though. Maybe Jessica should take up lattes for the winter... : D
    Yay raw milk!

  19. Email, must be your brain type. :)


    Will do.


    We don't have Tillamook...I'll have to try some next time I come visit. :) Yeah, and Haagen Daaz...gotta love it. :) The photo of the Highland Coo in the side bar...that would be the only kind of cow I'd own....just because they are soooo cute. :)

  20. LOL

    BTW interesting nickname for me ;)

  21. Emil,

    hahah...I just logged on to see if anybody had replied, and I saw what I wrote and thought..."how stupid...I spelled his name wrong..."...and then I saw your comment and died laughing. :)

  22. Oh please don't die yet :)
    (Although laughter would be a nice cause to die for;)

  23. Hey Nathan, why do you go by "goose"?

  24. I don't drink milk regularly after we started getting the raw milk. I mean, one time, just about every gallon we brought up from the fridge had a horrible smell, and we had just got it like three days prior. I drank some and have been hesitant to drink every glass since. When it doesn't smell bad it usually is the best milk one can have.

  25. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Well, I wanted a blog name and a couple years ago I wanted to be in the Air Force so my Mom thought Goose from Top Gun fit really well so it just stuck. Where did you get your name? T.C.C -Goose-

  26. My real name is Josiah Candler, if you look on one of Tiffany's previous post's comments I asked her how she came up with "Theophania NicDhomnaill". When she told me, she also mentioned what Candler was back then, and Yoshiyahu is Hebrew (if I remember correctly) for "Josiah". Hence my screen name, Yoshiyahu Le Candeler.

  27. Tiff,

    You realy did a good job!



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