Monday, November 26, 2007

You are invited to view some of our Thanksgiving Day photos...

No blog post is complete without a few pictures of William...

Isn't he a doll?

The day before our party, we had quite a bit of cooking to do. Here we have Pecan Pie in the making.

The pie dough says it all...

There was an epic battle the night before vs. the pie dough...with all humility, I was victorious.

Somebody is looking a little mischievous...

Somebody else is looking humored...

And somebody else is trying to concentrate on the dough...

The other battle took place between the Queen of Rolling Pins and the Queen of metal mallets...

With all humility, I was....*cough* the end, we decided to get over it and just be friends. :)

Nothing compares with fresh ground pepper...oh, make sure you are sitting down before you continue...

Can you believe it?!?!? Jessica took on the job of massaging and stuffing the two 24lb turkeys we bought this year! I hope you were sitting...if not, make sure you get an ice pack for your head...;-)

Some fresh garlic cloves, pepper, thyme, olive oil, carrots, celery and a few other things...and voila!..the BEST Thanksgiving turkey ever! :)

We carried on the tradition that we started a few years ago...handmade place cards that end up looking like....
...this! Aren't they pretty?

The finished product...(nope, this one isn't a scratch and sniff sticker either...;-))

My completed Pecan Pie.

Jacob E.'s Pumpkin Cheesecake...that stuff is so delicious.

Jessica artistically arranges the marshmallows on the Sweet Potato Casserole.

Our annual expert turkey cutter. My, but he does a fabulous job!

A corncob princess graces the table this year.

And the table is ready for the feasting to begin.

I think she is pleased with the food. :)

These two were called traveling German's on another blog. After their move, we sure do hope they travel up here as often as they visited Tennessee...

This little lady is quite the crawler...on all knees needed. :)

We had snow on Thanksgiving, which was too fun! Lenna, Jess and Sierra, decided it was picture worthy, so I obliged and captured another memory.

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas..."

Fellowship continues in the kitchen...kind of a cool shot taken from outside...thanks for getting it Sam....I'm glad you didn't mind freezing out there. :)

I have no idea who took this photo of Sam, but it looks like he's saying, "That's all folks! Y'all come back now, ya' hear?!" ;-) Oh, and remember what I said on Sunday, Sam? Whenever you come visiting...just let me know what you want for dessert, 'kay? ;-)


  1. all I can say is it looks YUMMY !!

  2. lol, Melissa...I LOVE your profile pic...;-)

  3. Lenna1:35 PM

    Thanks Tiff for finally posting!
    Oh And love the pictures~ We had a great time!

  4. You are very welcome, Lenna. :) We had a blast too! Can't wait until the next party...we'll have to dance. :) See you tonight!

  5. Thanks Tiff ! I think it would be a HUGE waste of fabric to cut it that way !! not to mention WAY immodest .... if you did anything with it except throw it away .... but then what was the point ! :o)

  6. Anonymous8:02 PM

    WOW!!!!! Tiffany I can't beleve my eyes jessica really stuffed the turkey.:0 T.C.C -Goose-

  7. Haha, great battle between the Queen of Metal Mallets and the Queen of Rolling Pins...filled with suspense, drama, and...lots of kitchen utensils. ;)

  8. that qas quite certainly the best pecan pie I have ever eaten.

    And my little girl is very cute!

  9. Haha...Melissa, ditto. :)


    lol, I thought the moment was picture worthy. :)


    Oh, I should have been there...I don't know why she thought she could stand a chance with a metal mallet....;-)

    Mr. L,

    Thanks! I've never used that recipe before...I'm not too keen on molasses...;-) I couldn't find the recipe that I had used a few years ago, so I finally settled on that one. I completely agree with you...your little lady is adorable. :)

  10. Massaging a turkey ?!?!?!?!?

    did he have sore muscles or something? LOL

    (Or it just might be that I am somewhat illiterate when it comes to the art of turkey massaging:)

  11. Emil,

    lol...he was quite cold and so his muscles were a little stiff...;-) A little oil works wonders....

  12. Anonymous10:20 AM

    That was neat how y'all did the place cards! VERY creative!

  13. Ahhh... *pauses and sniffs the air* Nothing beats a good feast!


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