Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We went to the Niesen's house for lunch this afternoon and as usual, we had a great time. The ponies were already out waiting to give rides, soup was on the stove taunting us, and when I went out to the barn area, I saw this...

Grace and Emma have watched too many Roy Rogers videos. They ride like pros. :)

Sarah N. on her new horse Angel.

Abigail, Caleb and Levi took a nice ride through the "mowed" corn fields.

Matthew(not visible in this picture), Jessica and I then decided to take a ride in the buggy, which was just a disaster waiting to happen. :)

On our way back into the driveway, the crabby horse(that Mrs. N. declares should be dead) made a sharp turn off the road and into a nasty ditch. The whole contraption tipped over, but surprisingly, there were no shrieks or screams. :) After we were thrown out of the buggy, Jessica and Matthew landed on me, which resulted in me hurting my left foot. Afterwards, I think I have to agree with Mrs. N. :) So my dear darling father helped me back to the house and while sitting in the kitchen with my winter gear and a camera, I went to work. You can see more photos here.

My favorite gloves...
After eating so many chocolate cookies, I think William was ready for a nap.

Little Miss Niesen gets cuter every time I see her.

Oh yeah, you can send sympathy cards and chocolate to our P.O. Box... ;-)


  1. My goodness...hat, scarf, coat, gloves...someone would think y'all lived in Texas or something before IL. ;D But I do have to admit, last night was rather cold with a low of 24.

  2. Yeah, I don't know where they'd get an idea like that...go figure. :) I try not to see how cold it is...I suppose I think it will make me not feel so cold...

  3. jordan10:55 AM

    I so love horses. And those black and white photos ... very artistic. Much emotion. Lord bless you.


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