Monday, November 12, 2007

My dad and Caleb did some raking the other day. They made two good sized piles and the following day, I took the little ones out to play in the leaves, take a walk and of course, take photos. :) I thought you might enjoy these:

Surfing on the...leaves...

Maid Marion and Sir Robin find the leaf pile much to their liking.

A kiss for the fair maiden?

The Queen of Leaves

"Yeah, let's try to keep the leaves out of my face..." ;-)

"Hey, it's almost over my head!"

Jumping in.

"Look! I can throw leaves and it's okay!!!"

They almost look like twins in this picture...

Jessica...mostly buried in the leaves. :)

Emma, Jessica and William enjoying the lovely weather.

I think he's happy.

Gazing in wonder at the changes our creative God has wrought.

"Something is sticking to my hand, again!"

The leaves are turning, the days are shorter, and snow is "Coming Soon to a yard near you"...well, not all of apologies for getting your hopes up. :)

The silent reflections of a nine year-old.

Robin Hood and his Maid Marion watching the horses across the lake.

Throwing stones, or skipping stones...I'm not sure which.

Their new album cover, For God and know they sing in
four part harmony and A Capella, right? ;-)

How she manages to get mulch in her shoes every time she walks across the driveway, I'll never know.
Follow the...grey gravel road...


  1. Great photos Tiffany!
    I am very jelous of the leaves!

    Hannah DeLadurantey

  2. lol...we combined the piles and made one HUGE pile that is taller than me and big enough for my family to fit it in. :) We can send you some to decorate your yard with...;-)

  3. Certainly lovely, Tiffany. I am afraid all of our leaves are departed for a few months. :-(

  4. sierra7:54 PM

    Love 'em Tiff! :)

  5. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Ok, all I have is one question who raked all the leaves up again? Great photos Tiffany. -Goose-

  6. Ella,

    You mean, y'all have already reached the "black and white" stage? Do you have snow yet?


    Thanks...I'm rather partial to them myself. :)


    We *tried* not to scatter the piles too much...but I think that Caleb had that job when we were done. :)

  7. That looks like so much fun !!!!! Can I come play ? ;P

  8. Uh..we are in the in-between stage. The mountains are beginning to get snow, but is just brown!

  9. Goodness, you still have orange fall colors? Our trees turned orange and the leaves fell in two weeks and that was a few weeks ago! Although I guess it's 'cause we've had our first snow already back in the beginning of October.

  10. Okay, I think it's cold here...and winter hasn't arrived yet...the first snow is appealing to me, but after that, I just wish spring would arrive...


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