Thursday, February 07, 2008

Here are some more the the foggy day pictures I took the other day. I took more photos of the snow the next day, so I might get around to posting those...then again, I'm sure I can get some flattering pictures of the sick people around here... ;-)

The gravel road.

The neighbors drive.

The speed limit down our road...

...another shot of the speed limit down our road...

...and yet another photo of the speed limit down our road. :) I couldn't decide which I liked better, so I posted them all. :)

The White Tree of Gondor.

'Twould appear that the snow is, rather, was snowed again the other day...

Our lake.

I hope this means Spring!

Aslan is on the move! :)


  1. Great photos! I see more artistic photos more and more. Good job!

    Oh, I bought a Canon Rebel 300D. It's the Rebel XT's little brother. It came with a Sigma 70-300mm zoom/macro lens. The problem with purchasing stuff on eBay is that it takes forever to come!

  2. Thanks!

    You bought a Canon?!?!? Good for you, Joe!! You've joined the rebel crowd!! :) Our numbers are rising!!! ;-)

  3. Even though the Nikon was my favorite, the Canon was in my price range.

  4. Neat pictures! I think I like the first and second speed limit signs best - the first one is really dramatic, but the second one looks more old fashioned.


  5. 15 miles per hour? Where do you live?!? :)

  6. We live on a gravel road too (well, you know that) and I go 55mph. It doesn't really have a speed limit so the faster you go the less bumpy it'll feel. It works too!

  7. Joe,

    Well I hope it won't take you very long to fall in love with your Canon. :)


    Thanks. I considered climbing up onto a wood post right next to the sign to try and get a straight shot, but every time I tied I almost fell into the barb-wire I reconsidered and took these instead. :)

    Julia Marie,

    lol...we live in the country in Central Illinois. :) I thought it was funny that they had that sign on a private drive, but maybe it's a law... ;-)


    55?!?!?! Well, I didn't say how fast I went down the road, that's just what the speed limit is. :)

  8. Jesi R.3:12 PM

    cool pictures Tiffany! It was foggy out here too.
    I hope spring is on its way...



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