Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seeing as we've all been down with the flu, nothing really exciting has happened...except that it snowed again today...:( So, here are the pictures I took the last time it snowed.

Hey look!!! A little splash of color amidst the rest of the black and white yard!! :)

More color...so pretty, isn't it?

Fishing anybody?

Or how about a relaxing canoe ride...we'll bring a CD player and everything like last time!! :)


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Will Jessica pose again?:) I'd better get a canoe ride in May.
    T.C.C -Goose-

  2. lol...she might! :) Oh, I think you'll get more than one canoe ride in May!!!! You can have as many canoe rides as you like! :) Just, don't bring any fish in...we're not too keen on eating them... ;-) We can't wait for y'all to come!! :)

  3. It seems to me that canoe rides at the McDonald's can be somewhat... um... interesting. Such as sinking buckets, screams, and canoes that can threaten to tip over. ;)

    BTW, did the arm guard work well?

  4. So sorry you have been battling sickness!

  5. Emil,

    lol...yeah, but that's what makes them soooo fun!!! :) We figured that if y'all fell into the lake, you'd have to stay longer! *wicked laugh*

    And the arm guard is absolutely scrum-did-a-lee-dumptious!!! I was half awake when they came home from church, and Melissa was talking a million miles a minute (don't we all...;-)), and she mentions something about an arm guard, oh and "Emil and Mrs. Bandy stayed home and..." she pulled something brown out of a bag and suddenly, I felt all perky, tried it on, showed it off, asked over and over again, "Isn't this SOOO cute?!?!?" :) Yeah, so then I fell back on the chair a few minutes later, exhausted from over exerting myself (hahaha) and then tried it again a few minutes later!! (you'd think I'd get the message, but NOOO, not me...;-)) Anyhoo, thanks soooo much! I can't wait to get outside and practice...as soon as it warms up a bit, maybe...

    BTW, are y'all coming to the Hymn Sing this Saturday?


    Oh, you're so sweet! Our whole family ended up getting it...my sister (the last "healthy" one in the family :)) came down with it on Monday. But, we have a simply fantastic remedy for the flu, so those of us who got it in time didn't have it so bad.

  6. *looks Innocent*

    Sadly, we will not be going to the Hymn Sing Saturday :( A couple of us have a variance of the 'Plague' and also due to the long distance.

  7. Oh...that's too bad...y'all will be sorely missed. :( But you WILL be at church on Sunday, right?

  8. *sighs* no......
    Now almost all our family has the flu :(
    My dad and Naomi got it earlier this week and didn't get that stuff *inserts really long name that's almost impossible to pronounce* So they're still combating it. Me, Grace, Ruth, and Ashton got it Yesterday. :( But Mom still is hanging on, and hasn't got it yet. :)

  9. Oh, that's too bad. :( Let us know if y'all need anything.

  10. Happy *onedaylate* Birthday, Tiffany!!

  11. Thanks Ashton! I hope y'all get to feeling better soon! We missed all y'all yesterday... :(

  12. Kayla Gesinski2:50 PM


    whats up? Its Kayla, from the reformation camp while ago lol...
    hows things going with you guys? You can add my blog


    God bless,

  13. DeusPrimus2:46 AM

    Hello Theophania,

    I would usually take this opening paragraph to introduce myself, considering the fact that this is my first time commenting on your blog; however, because we have already met, that would seem to be a redundant act.

    Still, it would be kind to remind you who I am, since I already know who you are. To put it most simply, we met your family while you were still in Texas, I live in California, am a member of your sister church, and LOVE your peanut butter cookies. Did that work? I hope so...

    Goose has been telling me about your blog for a while, and I decided to see it for myself. Now I am glad I did, your photography is wonderful! (I especially like the speed limit sign series.) If I may ask, what are you shooting with?

    It is often the undoing of a writer to overextend himself on the first comment, and I do so desire to be welcome here again. With that in mind, farewell.

    Deus Primus,

    BFH aka. Ben Hector

    P.S. At the risk of appearing as ignorant as I know myself to be, what is an arm-guard? Despite what may be the intended purpose, it causes amusing reactions.

  14. Thanks, Joe! :)

    Hey Kayla,

    Nice to hear from you! How's life?


    How's life treating y'all out in sunny CA? After Melissa came back from her trip last summer to CA, we've been frequenting y'all's blogs. :) That's it... peanut butter cookies!! lol Just the other day, Jessica, Melissa and I were trying to remember what we made for dessert when y'all were in town, but couldn't. :) So, thanks for remembering! ;-)

    Thanks. We bought a Canon Rebel Xt when we moved up here to IL. After using little pre-set digital cameras for years, using this one was (and still is) a huge learning experience! :) But I love it! I heard that your dad is a photographer, so I'm hoping to get a few tips from him when y'all come visit.

    Now if y'all used Blogger instead of HomeschoolBlogger, commenting would be so much easier...:)

    Oh, I bought a long bow last...fall, I think. Anyhoo, after shooting for a while I would end up with some nice welts on my arm from the string, so a friend from church made me a leather arm guard that laces up close to my wrist...lol, I'm not really sure how to describe it!! :) I'm hoping the weather will warm up a bit here so we can go back out and practice again, and of course, get some pictures of my new toy. :) That'll give you a better idea. :)

    We're looking forward to visiting with y'all in May!

  15. Happy Birthday Tiffany! (A few days late!) How was your birthday?
    I hope that you're doing great!
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Thanks, Joy! It was nice...after staying home from church due to the flu bug, it was nice to be back. :) The only problem was, most of the families from church were home sick, so we had a smaller group, but the fellowship was sweet, as usual! :)

    See y'all in May!

  17. What's up Tiff? It's been awhile.

  18. Hi Shayne! lol...it has been a long time! We've been keeping busy, mostly trying to stay warm, haha...it snowed again...:( How's life down in Texas? Much warmer, I'm sure... Nice to hear from you!


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