Thursday, February 28, 2008

HE'S ARRIVED!!!!!!! I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

My little nephew, Joshua James Gregory Blanchard, was born around 4:30 this afternoon. Look at his dark hair, so much for a blondee, eh Christa? ;-) This little doll arrived at 6lbs 7.2 oz and 18 inches long.
Thanks so much for your prayers! Now I just need to decide what he'll call me... ;-)


  1. Congratulations, Auntie!

  2. Congratulations, auntie!! ... and congratulations to the uncles and grandparents as well!!! What wonderful news!


  3. Thanks Joe!


    Thanks so much...since you've been here, I'm sure you know how we're feeling! :)

  4. How 'bout Aunt Toot Toot?

  5. Deusprimus10:57 PM

    HOOOORAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! He is so CUTE! Joshua James Gregory Blanchard, I like it. Sounds very distinguished, like a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

    Congratulations on the new edition to the family. You will post more pictures as they become available, right?


    P.S. Hmmmmmm, Aunt Toot Toot. I am sensing a story there, never mind I won't ask...

  6. Congratulations!!! He's SOO cute!!!!

  7. Welcome little one from the Davis family out here in sunny California. What a blessing to an already incredible family.

  8. Mother Dear,

    No comment... ;-)


    Isn't he such a sweetie?!?! My mom and Jessica are flying out this morning and I wish it was me. :( But, Jessica is taking the video camera with her and the camera (my baby...:() so she'd better get some good photos... ;-)

    As for sharing the photos...naw, I think I might be selfish and keep them ALL to myself! *wicked laugh* ;-) jk...I'll be sure to post them. :)

    As for the name...there is NO story!!! My silly mother came up with it last night right after she read my a mother... :)


    Thanks! I just love him (or is it his pics?) to pieces!!!!!

    My Dear Davis Family,

    Thanks so much for commenting! We're hoping that they'll be up for the Presbytery in May, so you'll be able to meet him!! :)

  9., I don't go by "Tiffy." Don't you remember that?!?! ;-) Maybe Aunt Tissy? :)

  10. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Well then how about, Auntie Tiff:)

  11. deusprimus12:18 PM

    Another thing you need to figure out is how "Au" in Aunt, or Auntie if you prefer, will be pronounced. Will you have the traditional Midwestern "ant", or the East Coast sounding "ont"?


    P.S. I am sure your sister will be extra careful with your camera. I know I would if my brother entrusted me with his!!!

  12. Congrats !!! Aunt Ne-Ne..... ?? ;)

  13. Anonymous,

    "Aunt Tiff"...hmmmm..."Tissy" is kind of a family name for me, Caleb actually started it... :)


    Yeah, that's the confusing part...we thought we could call Emma "Auntie Em" (with the soft "ant" sound) like in "The Wizard of Oz!" :) So we might all go with "Ant *insert name*" It wouldn't really be nice to the wee lad to all go by the same name just sounded out differently... :) Though, I suppose we have quite a bit of time before he even starts talking...maybe I'll put a poll up... ;-)

    I know she'll take care of it! :) I just know that something is going to turn into a "Kodak Moment" and we'll miss it! :) lol Actually, I've missed several pics this morning...including a little accident I had in the driveway...;)


    Thanks!! Ain't he a doll? :) Na..."Aunt Ne-Ne" doesn't really float my boat... ;-)

  14. Hey Tiff!!! Well, it might please you to know that I've got some A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E photos of Joshua already with OUR (sorry, lol, I couldn't help myself *grin*) camera!!! He's so beautiful!!!

    I'm missin' everybody! Hullo from the GORGEOUS state of TEXAS! :-)

    Love, Jess

  15. Congratulations!!!!! :-) Praise God! How exciting for you all!! :-)
    Love, Amy :O)

  16. How about Auntified? (pronounced an-ti-fide) Combination of Aunt/Tiff...and quite appropriate considering your new aunt-ship. *grin*

  17. Oh, and how could I forget...CONGRATS TO Y'ALL!!!!

  18. Ashton, know, I kind of like that! :) It's definitely different...

    BTW, shouldn't that be an "all y'all?" ;-) lol

  19. He is so precious, Aunt Tiffany!

  20. I prefer "y'all"... Simpler to write, easier to say, and different from hard core southerners. ;) And "all y'all" just sounds funny in the first

  21. CONGRATS! He is adorable!

  22. Congratulations Tiffany! What a wonderful blessing!

  23. He's SO ADORABLE!!! I saw all the pics on facebook :):):) Aunt Tissy, definately.

    btw, did you get my email?

  24. Ella,

    Yes, I have to agree...I can't wait to hold him!


    lol...Well, I suppose that since you've already adopted the beloved word "y'all" we won't expect you to use the plural version of the word. :) Or, maybe it'll just take time before you come around...And I don't think it sounds funny a'tall...


    Thanks...he is rather cute. I can't really tell if he looks more like Daniel or Christa...


    Thanks! We feel very blessed.


    *beaming with pride* He is adorable if I do say so myself... :) I'm waiting very patiently for pictures...

    And yes, I saw your email...a reply will be on it's way! :)

  25. Ashly R.4:34 PM

    He is so cute and adorable. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  26. Ashly,

    I must agree...he's adorable! :) Thanks...


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