Sunday, February 03, 2008

For my Grandparents...

From us...though, only some of us are pictured...:)

The slope, more commonly referred to as, "David's Hill."

Melissa makes the first trek down the hill...scouting out the trail...

So, I walked down the hill (I did consider sledding down, but seeing as I'm not an expert sledder, I decided to ensure the camera made it down safely ;-)) to get pictures of their faces (thanks to David for the fabulous idea :)) and while I waited at the bottom, I saw some "art-sy" photo opportunities that I just couldn't pass up. :) I'll be posting more on my photo blog tomorrow.

Jessica R. and Matthias trudging back up the hill...still wondering when David's going to put that ski lift in...:)

Melissa and Emma come flying down. Poor Em, she doesn't like snow to get in her face...

Jessica R. and Grace

Caleb nears the end where the "drop-off" is. I can't tell if the expression on his face is one of excitement or one of pain. :)

Jessica and Emma...hey look, Emma's eyes are open this time!!

Ashely R. and Grace

Yeah, Melissa found the "drop-off" sooner than she thought...

William decided that the walk back up the hill was too difficult, so he smiled at Jessica and got a piggy-back ride in return. :)

Dad and two of his "little women" come tearing down.

I love this shot!

Again, another "art-sy" photo taken while waiting for the next batch of people to arrive.

Mr. Ryekn, Kara and Grace kicking up the snow...

This photo is hilarious! Poor little Mathias looks so uncomfortable...

....but he enjoyed every minute of it!

Jessica and Jessica must have thought that the weedy things looked like something fun to plow through.

Dad and his little man take a ride.

And once they reach the bottom, William is already climbing off and ready to do it all over.

But you see, he doesn't have to do the walking...

He rides down the hill, and then back up!

Justin R. came down on his knees, reached the "drop-off"...


and, uh...played dead? ;-)

So, Caleb tried, but apparently didn't see the trees. :)

Now doesn't that look like fun!

Caleb came down face first and thought he went pretty far..., then Justin came down. Check out the expression on Caleb's face! :)

Three giggly girls on a little sled sometimes proved to be funny...among other things. :)

Melissa and William came to a stop in the middle of the trail...not a smart idea when another team is coming along...we're just glad Mr. Ryken can steer a sled. :)

So, I think the dad's decided to see who could spray more snow... the time they were done, though, both children were white and wet.

Such a happy, peppy baby.

Abigail blazes the trail alone...

Hey, it's the only picture of me...taken from the tree. I should have climbed up there sooner...

Now, if you thought that three giggly girls on a small sled was funny...

...they thought four would be better. :)

And so I leave you with this...instead of building a real snowman, Melissa made a Texan one. Thanks, Price's for the use of your backyard!


  1. Justin R8:20 AM

    Great pics.

  2. lol...that's not even half of them!!!! I almost uploaded 60+ and then I thought that was too I settled with maybe 40??? Maybe I'll put the rest in a Picasa web album...

  3. Jesi R.8:49 AM

    we had a blast 'sluding' with you guys! Mathias even had a great time!

  4. Sledding downhill has become boring. We have some really nice steep hills with steep drop-offs at the bottom but the thrill has left. Especially since you have to climb back up the hill afterwards. What we've found that is takes skill (hanging on to the sled as well as covering your face from flying snow, but you have to see...) is sledding behind a pickup at 30mph, especially when the driver tries to buck you off, and you go rolling head over heels at 30mph. It's grand! The only problem is we broke all our sleds last year doing it.

  5. Jesi,

    We had fabulous time with y'all! After it snowed again yesterday, we thought, "Hey, maybe we can go again today!!" ;-))


    ROFLOL Okay, I've just decided that y'all are officially insane!!! But y'all do get quite a bit more snow than we do...but in any case, I think I'll stick with my boring stuff... ;-)

  6. How take lovely pictures.

  7. Well all I have to say is your not the first! *big grin*

    I'm weird and proud of it! *makes face to match the statement*

  8. Great pics! Looks like tons of fun!

  9. Meg,

    Thanks. We had fun. :)


    lol...well, we are called to be peculiar people... ;-)


    Sledding is fun...although I'm hoping this will be the last opportunity to go...:)


    Yeah, I'm sure Daniel is wishing we had this much snow when y'all were visiting. :)

  10. Tiffany, I happened upon your blog through your sis & Goose. It's Mrs.H with all the adopted kids, who's RV got stranded in Texas and your family so kindly fed us Texas Chili!!

    Anyway, we were having fun looking at your snow photos. My DH, an avid photographer, said you figured out how to take snow photos, which makes you more than someone "pretending to be a photographer".

    We had snow, but it melted away, so there wasn't much time to sled.

    Look forward to seeing you all in May.

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  11. Lovely pictures as always, Tiff!
    You do such a marvelous job on your blog, its such a blessings :-)

    Glad you're putting the snow to good use! Its insanely warm here today. How is it there?

    Love you!


  12. Mrs. H,

    Great to hear from you! We've been reading some of y'all's blogs...such a nice way to keep up-to-date with people! :)

    lol...thanks. I think I took close to 300 photos that day...somebody had to do the job, so I took it on gladly. :) I took a few photography classes at the library, rented a few books, but I really like talking to people who know what their maybe when y'all come this May, Mr. H can give me a few pointers. :)

    We are really excited about y'alls upcoming's been the top of our daily discussions for several weeks now. :) Texas Chili sound good? ;-)

    Hey Tayla!

    Thanks...I took some more photos today of our snowstorm and a few the other day of the fog, so I'll be uploading them pretty soon. I noticed that y'all were putting the snow to better use than we were!! Your skiing expedition looked like a blast! We had freezing rain and more snow we've just been hanging out close to the fire, trying to stay cheerful and warm. :)

    Love ya!

  13. Hey Tiff, I know this may be an echo, but those are some really fun Pics!

  14. know, my head just continues to get bigger and bigger... ;-)


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