Saturday, November 14, 2009

When the leaves turn colors and then fall to the ground, there is lots of raking to do. We rake up one huge pile of leaves to play in before moving them to a burn pile. And as we photograph just about every event in this house, this one didn't go unnoticed. Tradition continues and the next post will have some pictures of Caleb's famous jump from this year, and selections from the past. That should bring me up-to-date, and then I'll put up some pictures from this week.

Good books are always better when they're read outside on a crisp and sunny Fall afternoon.

Yup, even in a leaf pile!

Somethin' was funny.

Sharing stories together.

William loves it someone reads to him.

And if you get hugs for being that someone, then that someone is a good person to be.

When the chairs get uncomfortable, just plop right down in the leaves.

This silly boy refused to smile.

Little kids in black and white shots are just too cute.

He's got the best seat in the yard.

William tried to play the violin...

...but decided that jamming on the "guitar" was easier and that's what real cowboys do anyway.

Grace prefers the violin.

Good friends, dear sisters.

These special moments won't last forever.

How high can you go?

Grace has been taking lessons from Caleb (watch for the next post!).

She's growing up so fast.

Sweet smiles from a sweet girl!

He gets better every year!

My darling little man.

The last image from the photo shoot.
The End.


  1. It is hard to leave summer behind, but if you don't things pile up and you fall behind.

  2. Just wanted to come by and tell you CONGRATS on your engagement! that is so awesome! I am tickled for you! :)
    sooo happy!

  3. Oh, I remember having fun in the leave piles with my siblings! The little ones still enjoy it. Those are really cute dresses, by the way. I like the print.

    Congratulations on your engagement! I heard about it via your mother's Facebook. GOD Bless y'all!


  4. DEH,

    *laughs* It's even harder to leave summer behind when summer was pretty much non-existent. :) LY


    Thanks! I'm pretty tickled myself... :)


    Aren't they adorable? That is my Land's End ad. :) They were having a huge sale on their dresses, so we bought several for the girls.

    Awww, thank you! We've been blessed in so many ways already and are so thankful for the family/friends we have surrounding us with prayer. Now we're in the crazy busy planning mood! :D

  5. Oh, I thought they looked like they were from Land's End! Most all of our dresses came from Land's End - they're really great; my younger sisters can still wear some of my old ones, and those that are too worn out make great costume material. :-)


  6. Awww.... scrumptious fall!

  7. Tiffany,
    I soooo love the pictures. In the valley we used to rake the leaves and jump in the piles. Up here we don't have a large lawn; so when they fall on the gravel, the wind eventually blows them away.

    The girls (all of them) and Little Man are very cute.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H aka ______ (You can mentally fill in the blank.)

  8. Awww, the pictures are so cute! Love the vibrant fall colors. And I agree, kids go great in black and white. :-)
    I was kind of waiting for you to post about your engagement but since everyone else is congratulating you here, I guess I will too. :-) Congratulations!

    Did your family manage to get Messiah tickets? We've been calling for almost an hour and can't get through. :-(


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