Friday, November 06, 2009

From all across the holler,
from every nook and cranny,
all the piggies are arriving
for the yearly hootenanny.

And so they came, from far and wide to join us for our Reformation Day Faire. What a rich time of fellowship we had, fantastic food, musical specials, and deep, heart felt messages. So many pictures from this event tell a different side of the this story, and yet, there is no way to post them all. So, these mini blog posts will have to suffice for now. When I get them all into a web album, I'll be sure so post a link. Enjoy and we'll see you next year!

John, the King of Spaghetti this year!

The fabulous peasants, working away in the kitchen.

And such happy ones too! They are the best helpers, after all.

Rebecca (now Loomis! :)) and I.

Some lovely ladies gracing the counter top with their presence.

Emil - n - Emma...trying to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, maybe?

Miss Bandy and Miss Farmer say "Hello!"

My darling parents, at the end of the day, still looking so adorable!

Three cheers for Anna, who called dances despite a cold and very sore throat!

Taking hands down the line.

Lots of people dancin'...what a beautiful sight!

We call them Robin Hood, Maid Marion and Little Geneva.

Looks like Jeremy has been caught red-handed! :)

Brothers do-si-do-ing.

Aaron decided that he would make a better Fred Astaire. :)

The last dance brings us to the end.
We were so amazed with the turnout this year, and can't wait for next year to come around!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh, the dances look like such fun!=) Loved all the pictures!


  2. Great shots of a grand event!! I didn't expect to see a new blog entry just now!!

  3. Beautiful musings and pictures!
    LOVE the picture of you
    and Rebecca! What JOY!!
    I was privileged to witness
    their vows (via. cyber space)
    on Friday! I am so happy
    for them~ God bless the new
    'Loomis Family'

    Love~ Jen

  4. Oh, Rebecca told me that they were to be at the Reformation Day Fair. Looks so fun! Especially the dancing.

    Johanna Kautt

  5. wow that looks so fun

  6. Meinda,

    Glad you enjoyed them! The dances were loads of fun.


    *laughs* I had them uploaded and ready to post ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting too far behind. :) All I had to do was push the button and it was up!


    Oh, that's so neat! My sister down in Texas was watching too and she sent me a text saying she saw us! Too fun!


    Yes, they come every year and are our delightful guests! Wouldn't be the same without them!


    It was fun! A good time was had by one and all, I think.

  7. Melinda,

    Ha! I recognize your profile photo from the 2009 version of Emma! :-)


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