Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well, these past two weeks have definitely been some of the busiest 14 days of the year! Each day has had it's own special moment attached to it, and the next few months have promises of the same. Instead of telling you all that we've done, I'll try to share it in pictures. Thanks to Emma, Caleb, Jessica and the Sanford girls for getting some of these shots!

William and his new "do."

We went to a wedding.

Steven peeking around trying to find his bride.

And there she is.

It's not everyday that you see such happiness.

Some of my models were going for a Vogue look...the others couldn't decide.

The epic of them is old enough to have pictures in black and white. :)

There was dancing.

And we got Thomas to play piano for our afternoon class!

Are we sure that Jessica knows how to use that?

Primer painters.

Where's Waldo?

An artistic streak, or is he going for the football player look?

I love to paint...especially when there is such good company to enjoy.

The only picture of Abby that I could find...Em was more interested in taking lots of pictures of Grace...

...who thought that the paint might taste good (Joke-long! :))

Melissa is eating banana, Thomas is washing dishes, and mom is making something. The only thing they have in common is that they're all making a funny face.

Scurrying around.

How much stuff can one hold?

No, can't have my Polo Bears.

I'm not sure if this is a picture of my cute sign, or of the figure we call "Marie Antoinette."

We got to say "Hey" to Garrison over Skype.

Okay...out of all the hair-cutting pictures, this one is my favorite!

Ben wonders what his hair will look like when the professional is finished.

Jess had us all laughing as she tried to figure out how to use their camera.

We made lots of phone calls.

More phone calls! :) Talking to the two who found themselves hungry in the Denver airport.

Hunting for the perfect patterns.

Jessica got some new boots for her birthday.

The Evanses reminded mom that she really liked Pictionary.

My and my gang in Chicago.

Mom thinks that this shiny blue stuff is quite nice. ;)

Melissa thinks otherwise.

Melinda said that her dad would call five times during our trip to the Windy City. Can you guess how many times he actually called? Five.

So, we never ask people to take pictures for us...we always prop the camera on something or put it on the floor. It worked out great this time, only poor Lily got cut out!

Boots. I guess my ballet flats don't really fit in.

Okay, so scratch the blue...what do you think of the yellow?!?

Modeling fabric for me. Love you girls!

So long.'s been a busy two weeks, memorable and very special, but oh-so-busy!


  1. looks like a great time! :) Can't wait to hear about the coming weeks and months! :D there are going to be awesome!

    William's mohawk is really cute! I used to do that to Caleb.

    loverly pictures, Tiffany! :D

  2. Wow~ amazing!
    What delightful busyness!!! :)
    Congratulations dearest Tiffany!

    Love~ Jen

  3. You silly girl!! Accoding to your mother's blog, you are betrothed!! And you are doing wedding shopping, and packing up your room, maybe? Congratulations!!!!!! But please, oh please, tell us details!!! :-D

  4. Congratulations on your betrothal, Tiffany.


  5. Tiffany, my heartiest congratulations, so Jess tells me! I love that blue and that what you picked?

  6. Amanda,

    Yes, the next six months will be quite amazing! :) Lots to do....

    William's hair-do was funny. He didn't like it at all, and it took forever to get that shot! :)


    Thank you! Maybe when I make it to California we can actually meet! :)


    *laughs* Yes, I guess her blog is right! :) We did go buy fabric for our dresses, but I haven't started packing just yet. :) We just moved back into our room after we painted. Details? Oh, I don't know...we'll see. :)




    Thanks, m'dear! We are very excited. Yup, blue and green will be the colors...happy spring colors, I think. :) We did buy those fabric selections too...can't believe we found what we were looking for so fast! *happy sigh* Now off to the design floor! :D

  7. What a fun few weeks it has been. But it's only the beginning. (There's a song in there somewhere).

    Can't wait to see the fabric in person. However I'm more interested in seeing the "people in person."

    Love & Blessings, MOTG (Figure it out?)

  8. Wow! What a whirlwind of activity! Thanks for sharing, Tiff.

  9. Looks like lots of fun! We're so happy for you guys! :)

  10. MOTG,

    *laughs* Yes, I figured that one out! Good one...

    If there is a song yet, maybe somebody will be inspired to write one now.

    Hehe, the fabric is lovely, but personally, I like the "people in person" better. It would have been so much fun to have you tag along...but, there will be lots of other times, I'm sure. ;)

    Love you!


    How's that? :) I'm very glad you liked the rundown. I didn't realize just how much we did until I looked at the photos...and this post doesn't touch some of the things we did...oh to keep somewhat of a private face. :) Love you!

    AHHH!! The Haroldsons! I hope your travels have been just lovely! Please plan on swinging back through here in May... :) Happy trails to you!

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  12. Congrats, Tiffany! I said that to (Insert Name Here) already over on this side of the country....We will be there for the wedding!

    BTW, Tell Jessica to do something about her blog...:)

    ~Casey Walker

  13. These are such fun pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Congratulations! May God richly bless you! May your marriage be a beautiful picture of Christ and His Church! May God fill your home with joy and many arrows! May generations rise up and bless you!

    In Christ,

  15. Casey,

    *laughs* Thank you! I'm soooo excited that y'all will be coming out and I'm honored that your dad will be playing such a huge part of the service.

    Haha! She does need to do something about that, doesn't she? I've passed the message along. Maybe it (insert name here) says something to her, she'll worked last time! :D


    Oh, I'm glad you like them! We've had loads of fun these past few weeks and those pictures show just the beginning!


    Thank you for your beautiful words! It is our prayer that such things come to pass, and yet we know these things can only be done through the strength and grace that the Lord alone can give. Thanks again!

  16. Yes...she can't ignore her future brother-in-law :)



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