Sunday, November 01, 2009

I think this was going to be the longest post on Reformation Day. I took over 500 pictures throughout the weekend, discarded the bad ones, sorted through the good ones, and ended up with about 400 when I was done. I had 50 pictures selected to show our off our Towne Square, but thought that was too many to put into one post. Back to sorting and choosing the "cream of the crop!" Maybe I'll upload all the photos to a web album and post a link when I've finished the blog series. We shall see... For now, here are the few, the proud, not the Marines, but pictures from a lovely day!

Zach and Nathan learning how to make rope.

Sir Riggenbach, and is that a monk, Robin Hood, or one of the Merry Men?

He said he was a candle maker, but I think he was royalty in hiding.

Now say, "Daddy has stinky feeeeeeet!" Very good! :)

Oh...he's looking awfully mischievous!

Prince Phillip studies the chess board and wonders where to go next.

Her ladyship bestowing knighthood on a very worthy squire.

Grace and I embroidered our smocks with Elizabethan Blackwork patterns. While you can't see much of it, her neckline was beautifully done!

We were delighted to have our friend, Hohn Cho, fly out for the weekend!

The little lady thinks it's time to rest.

The townsmen talking.

Lady Riggenbach shows the girls how to weave.

Miss Natalie looks dangerous with that wooden mallet.

Aha! The daughter of the nobleman in hiding has also learned the fine trade of making candles.

Some of the town minstrels.

An afternoon serenade.

A young gentleman on the square is enjoying the music.

A lovely job, don't you think?

Capturing every moment.

Courageous young men ready for battle.'s the Little Man.

He won't rest until he finds and rescues his Sleeping Beauty.


All for one, and one for all!

My lovely mother showing examples of exquisite stained glass.

Ahhh, the simple joys of childhood. That looks really uncomfortable...

*gasp* What's this? It looks as though the minstrel is being carried through town!

He's not looking too happy with the situation.

The town mayor finds out that the minstrel stole the purse of a lady... he got locked up.

More delightful music.

Getting ready to head off to the Highland Games!

Ahhh, the little princess has fallen asleep. To be quite honest, that sounds wonderful right now, so I shall bring the post to a close and get my beauty sleep. :)

Part Four: The Highland Games


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  2. What a grand event!! Our Midwest brethren have set a fine example of how to celebrate. Congratulations to all, especially the seamstresses and photographers.

  3. Awww.... how beautiful Tiffany!
    Enjoyed every pic. ;)
    Reformation day is SO worth celebrating. ~ Who did you dress up as?! :) I will be posting a few pics of our "little humble celebration" on facebook! :)

    Love in Christ~ Jen

    Oh... do stop by
    and enter the give away
    on Blessed Femina!!! :)

  4. Mr. H.,

    We do love our celebrations 'round here! :) I hope it's been inspiring for others who host similar events. Missed y'all! :(


    Yes, our Reformation Day Faire is something we look forward to all year and enjoy every moment of! Glad you enjoyed the photos. I didn't dress up as any particular person...I just dressed up. :) One day, we'll have reenactors who stay in character all day wandering day. :)

    Ahhh, I'm not a Facebooker, but Jess is, so I'll have to get her to show me the pics. :)

  5. Did I ever mention that William is so cute?? The hat didn't do any harm either...
    You're not on Facebook?! Wow, I can't believe there is someone else out there who doesn't do Facebook! Blogging is way better, you know. :-)

  6. Kathryn,

    Isn't he a DOLL!!! I love that kid....

    Nope, not a Facebooker and proud of it! :D Woohoo!! Glad there are still people out there holding the front with me. :) Blogging is far superior! :D

  7. Tiffany, your dress was BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Beautiful pictures as always Tiff! :)


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