Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Highland Games...a chance for men, young and old, to show their strength and skill with long pieces of wood, formally known as cabers, as well as with giant rocks! While some ladies may find these events fun, I prefer to sit on the sidelines, cheer for those I know, and photograph the event! The Highland Games are a favorite part of our Faire, and this year we had many talented...um, tossers(?) among us! The Lord was so good to us, and sent us a beautifully sunny, warmish day for our celebration. The ground was a bit muddy, but we were so thankful for the sunshine, we figured we could handle that. The giant rock did leave some holes in the soft ground by the time we were done... :)

Spectators and competitors alike gather 'round for the games.

Yeah, that's one big rock!

See, I told ya' so.

Okay, it's the last picture of the rock toss. Very impressive display of strength.

Aha...our Italian visitors. Josh bids farewell to his bride so he can partake in the... (come now, humor me...drumroll please!)

...Caber Toss! No, that's not Josh, that is Caleb...but Josh did have a turn!

A different Josh volunteers to toss the log!

Up, up...

...and away!

I have no idea who this little guy is, but he was so cute, I had to post the picture of him.

Ahhh, the joys of Christian fellowship!

What's this I see? Aaron is thinking about tossing it.

Thar' she blows!

A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing.

Two lovely ladies watching the games.

Mr. Evans was in charge of the Highland Games, and here he is posing with the winners! Congratulations, y'all!

Baby Bella...isn't she a cutie?

Getting instruction for the boffer war.

The little man is still a too young to take part in the battles, so he practices on Dad instead. Look at the determination on his cute face.

Mr. Bond watching the war.

Another squire climbs the ladder and becomes a knight.

Oh, it's a solemn moment.

And here he stands, ready to conquer evil in the King's name!

Check back soon for the conclusion!


  1. The games are fun to watch for the first few guys but I have to admit it does get a little boring after a while. :-) We were quite proud that two of the guys from our church won the games!
    Looking forward to the last post...

  2. Hey! I was the one who was supposed to knight William! Not Natalie! :(

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  4. Nice pictures!

    Kathryn, we came to the Faire for the first time this year and had a lot of fun, but my little sisters also expressed the sentiment that there should have been some games for the girls! Maybe an idea for the Faire powers to consider for next year?

  5. Kathryn,

    Maybe next year we should bring the minstrels over to the park...they'd be fitting there too! :) Yes, I was very proud to have CPC members win! :) Nobody from my church, but hey, they were from my denomination! ;D


    *smile* You should've been there! :D


    Hmmmm, games for the girls is something we will have to consider. :)

  6. Ah, I do recall last year's highland games. Rebecca (Serven) Loomis had posted about it on the ServenClan's blog, and their was a photo of her brothers Peter J. and Nathan "fighting" the friendly fights :-) --- with a wooden swords and shields. Also, Peter was practically in the "air" in that photo. LOL!



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