Sunday, October 25, 2009

The 2008 Parade

Wow...I can hardly believe that our Reformation Day Faire has already come and passed! We had a very good turn out last year, but we were amazed when over 400 people registered for this year! Tickets go fast, so keep an eye out for next year's registration!

One of my favorite authors flew in to be our keynote speaker. Douglas Bond has authored twelve books, and each one has been immensely enjoyed by our family. When we first discovered his Mr. Pipes books, we knew we had found something special. From there, we followed his publications and bought each one as soon as they came off the press. His sessions this year were outstanding, and we were so grateful that he came, despite flight difficulties, to share his wisdom with us!

William at the 2008 Faire.

Our dear friends, the Servens, drove up to spend the weekend with us. It was a very special visit since the next time we see them will be at Rebecca's wedding. Being able to spend a few days with her was precious and I was tickled pink to hear that she was able to come! Mr. Serven was also a featured speaker and we were so blessed by what he shared with us. Their family and church family sang for us and taught us some new Psalms. Reformation Day wouldn't be the same without them!! We love y'all!

Charlie Zahm's
flight difficulties might have been worse than Doug Bond's. His flight was delayed twice due to lack of gasoline, and a missing plane. Not a fun day in the airport when a few hundred people are waiting eagerly for a concert! When he arrived, there was much excitement, laughter and joy as we looked forward to what he had prepared for us. Not much can beat a two hour concert with Charlie Zahm!

Young Master Bradshaw at the 2008 Faire.

Dad was also a speaker for our event, but he didn't have any Friday sessions, so you'll have to wait to see him as Theodore Beza when I get those pictures up. So, please enjoy Part One of our 2009 Reformation Day Faire!

Doug Bond came over for dinner Thursday evening. Having just been in France for Calvin's birthday, he had many stories to tell us!

Early the next day, the castle wall goes up. Didn't they do a fabulous job painting that?!?

Impressive, huh?

The Four M's were singing for the fifteen minute break, and I was accompanying them on the piano, so there was much to run through before the event began!
This photo was either taken by Jess or a Sanford girl...not sure which. :)

Practice makes perfect...unless we're talking about these three... ;)

Pastor Serven sharing words of wisdom.

The string quartet (I don't believe they have an official name yet) played for another break.

Doug Bond lecturing on the importance of music.

A wonderful family, and very precious friends.

There is a time for everything...and cuddles are important.

The Psalm instruction with the Servens and their church family.

It's a beautiful thing to see children singing praises to the Lord.

So sweet.

Mrs. Serven encouraging young ladies.

Hey's the cutie pie!

Charlie Zahm in concert at last!!!

After all the other songs he sang, we will forgive him for singing that one song...

From what I could see, the audience looked like they were having a wonderful time.

Lost in the music.

The Castle Guards were too...I wonder who was watching the door? :)
Thanks to all those who were part of the "Men in Black." Y'all made our lives much easier and were awesome!

Sweet Rebecca working on wedding programs.

I love the Celtic drum! Caleb has got to learn how to play one of those.

Miss Natalie has a gift for our talented musician.

Jess, me, Meli and Sierra. Jess and Meli decided to be party-poopers and change back into normal clothes. On Saturday, though, all three of them were in costume.

Check back soon for part two!


  1. Dear Tiffany,

    You are too sweet. : ) Thanks so much for including us in all the festivities!! See you in a few weeks. : )

    Resting in His joy during this busy and wonderfully exciting time,

  2. Wish I could of made it!!! I was trying to convince Daniel that we could drive up on Friday and make it to Saturday's faire and then come home on Sunday (after church). And he would not have to worry about missing a day at work!! I even told him I would drive the whole way. He said "no", but than said that I could take Joshua and go up. I did not think he really meant it, till I went to pick him up from work. One of his co-workers asked what I was doing there, and then proceeded to tell me that Daniel had asked him (the co-worker) to drive him home because I was driving up to Illinois!!!

    Part of me says: you should of gone!!!! Maybe next year!

    Glad to see you had an enjoyable time!!

    Love you and see you soon!

  3. Yaaaaaay!! The hard part to imagine is how you did all the work required to conduct a proper Lord's Day just a few hours later. I hope your Monday is a lazy one.

  4. OH, I am SO jealous... you actually got to hear Charlie Zahm play the Balron (sp?) live?! AND you had Douglas Bond over for dinner?!
    *SOB*... SO not fair.

    Hehe, anyway, it looks like y'all had a marvelous time, I can't wait for part 2!!!


  5. Rebecca,

    What a treat to be able to spend a few days with you, even if you had work to do! I was tickled pink that you were able to make it...what a special trip! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me and for our little chat! It'll be interesting to see what the Lord has in store for us! ;) See you soon! Love you.


    It would've been soooooooo fun to have you here, but we really wouldn't have had much time to visit. Oh, and you wouldn't have had a costume've got to plan these things! :) Besides, it wouldn't be the same without Daniel. One day you'll make it up here...they get better each year! :)

    Can you believe y'all will be here in five weeks?!?!? See you soon!!! Love ya!

    My dear Mr. H.,

    I couldn't believe my last post was on the 12th!! I didn't realize it had been that long. :) Busy, busy weeks now behind us. I kind of miss them, but hey, more time to write letters!! ;) I'm always inspired to play piano when I'm exhausted. :) It was a good Lord's day. Lots of new friendships made, but none as special as the old ones. ;) Miss you!


    I was soooooooooo bummed when I heard y'all weren't going to make it! I was so looking forward to catching up with you. :( This is actually the second time I've heard Charlie Zahm play live this year. :) Another good reason for y'all to come up and stay! :D I think we're going to have him back next year... *wink, wink* Douglas Bond was fascinating! Wish you could've been here to meet him!

    Part two coming soon! Love you and here's to hoping we see you soon!!

  6. Don't worry Tif, someone was watching... :D

    I must admit, I absolutely love doing that job...

  7. Tiffany~
    What a scrumptious Reformation
    Fair!! :) It must of been quite intriguing to hear Mr.Bond speak...
    I know he has authored several amazing books!

    We are looking forward to having a
    Reformation day Celebration at our Church... ;) It is always a JOY to visit you and get ideas for Reformation day!!! May the Lord
    bless you dear sister in the Lord.

    Love~ Miss Jen

    On another note...
    Have you seen the new BBC
    Emma yet?! :)

  8. Great post, Tiffany! I am looking forward to part 2!
    LOL, that ONE song... he started singing and I was wondering how that would go over... :-)

    I LOVED your dress!

  9. Emil,

    LOL...of course somebody was watching...after all, y'all do have eyes on the back of your heads, right? ;) Y'all were fantastic and I hope you get the same job next year!


    He was outstanding! He'd just taken a trip over to France, so we got to hear lots of tales from that. He majored in history, and you can tell that it is his passion. Yes, his books are some of my favorites. :)

    Awww, I'm glad you find the posts inspiring! I hope y'alls fiare is a smashing one!

    I haven't seen the new Emma yet. Jess has been watching each installment, but I think I might wait for the DVD. :) Then I can watch it on our theater screen. :)


    Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed it so far. :) It was soooo nice to see y'all again, even if we didn't have much time to talk. :( Each time we see y'all, we're either hosting an event, or y'all are! Must fix that sometime... LOL, yes, that ONE song...I laughed when nobody cheered. :)

    Thanks, this dress was one of my very favorites!

    Love ya!

  10. We enjoyed visiting with you all and getting to know the McDonald family a little better~thanks for all your hard work.
    Rhonda for the Devine's

  11. Ohhhhh! I just can't believe your Reformation party is done and our's is almost here. This year has gone fast, well, in some ways yes, some ways no.

    Anyway, it looks like you had a grand time. I hope you are now have a relaxing week.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  12. Mrs. Devine,

    What a pleasure to get to know you and your wonderful family! I still think blogs are better than Facebook! ;) I enjoyed visiting with y'all and hopefully we'll see y'all at Liberty Day!

    M'Dear Mrs. H.,

    I know! I like it that we don't host ours on the same weekend...then we're able to soak up each other's ideas. ;)

    This year has been a busy, but exciting one, and I have to agree with you. Good memories made all through out, though!

    Two somewhat relaxing days are now over. We have some very precious friends coming to town tomorrow, so we have lots to do to prepare for them. Wish y'all could be here to meet them too. Love you!

  13. Well, *besides* the fact that they have eyes in the back of their head...since only three out of four guards were in the picture it seems reasonable to think someone was watching. :-)

  14. What was "that" song? Was Mr. Zahm surprised that it didn't go over well? ;-)

    Btw, I enjoy your blog!

  15. Raquel,

    Yeah, I know...but I still can't help poking fun at them. :)


    Oh, it was just the Battle Hymn of the Republic. :) He made up for it by singing Dixie twice the following day. :) No, he actually said it probably wouldn't get a good response, but it had been requested, so he sang it!

    Glad you enjoy reading!

  16. Rebecca (Serven) Loomis,

    I spotted you and your family SEVERAL times! BTW, thank you for being kind as to telling me about that when I called you last.


    I recognized one of the "String" players. Was there an Ana Marie Ort?


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