Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part Two

The morning events on the second day of our Reformation Day Faire will filled with enlightening sessions, good music, fellowship, and lunch. Enjoy!

Dad, a.k.a. Theodore Beza gives a bit of history on the life of John Calvin.

Excitement...anticipation...the mouth is watering already!!! Why?

Because Alwans is back this year! Amazing food, great service!

Caught on film. Twice...never mind that neither of us are really using film...

Theodore Beza informed us that he had tried very hard to get rid of his French accent. :)

Giving our fabulous speaker and very gifted musician time to rest their voices.

Raphael set up shop indoors this year! He never ceases to amaze me with his sketches.'s Auntie Em! One day I will find the time to have him take my likeness.

Reformation Heritage Books came down from Michigan to provide resources for more study.

Getting the grill ready!

The breaks in between sessions allowed time for fellowship, counseling, and just plain fun.

And lunch is served!!!

Two lovely princesses.

Little ladies watching the concert through the stained glass windows.

My own dear mother enjoying the music.

Charlie Zahm will be back at another Reformation Day Faire, so if you missed this one, keep an eye on future events! Does this sound like an advertisement to you? It's really not one...I'm just trying to get those of you who didn't come this year to come next time! :D

My wonderful parents having a little bit of down-time.

Little miss blue-eyes.

Grace taking pictures on a cell phone...I personally think the Canon takes better ones, but that phone might take better ones than a Nikon. Sorry...couldn't help it. :)

Pretty hat, lovely girl, good friend!

A bit blurry, and I'm not sure what she was up to, but her face was priceless!

Our friendly piper came to share his beautiful music with us and lead the crowd to the town square.

Check back soon for part three!


  1. That picture of Emma looks like a scene from a movie that would be on the back of the DVD package... don't you think?? :-)
    So you are one of the die-hard Canon lovers, eh? Having never had a Nikon I can't say I have a very decided opinion, but I love my Canon!!
    Mr. Price is AMAZING... I still haven't gotten my likeness taken - maybe next year!

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    Very nice pictures! We are so glad we had the opportunity to go out there. I'm so glad I was able to meet you and your family! My brothers loved the boffer war and I loved the dancing!

    ps- We are going to Liberty Day (as long as nothing comes up!)!

  3. Fun. Fun. Fun. More wonderful pics of a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing with us. We missed you yesterday. Next time.

    Love & Blessings,Mrs.H

  4. Kathryn,

    Yeah, it kind of does!! Looks like she's being interrogated or something! :)

    Die-hard Canon lover to the end!!! Some of my bestest friends are too, so even if I started having second thoughts (which hasn't happened yet...) they'd convince me out of it. :) I was thrilled to see y'all had more Canon people up there. :D

    Well, maybe next year you and I will get him to draw our portraits...


    It was a pleasure to meet you and get to know you (and later your mom)! I hope y'all come back next year, as I'm sure it'll be better. :) The dancing was fun, wasn't it? Yeah!! It'll be fun to see you in March, then! They dance there, too. :) See you then!

    Mrs. H.,

    Yes, I missed y'all too. :) The pictures of y'alls trip were lovely and I can't wait to see pics from the event this weekend!

    Love you!

  5. Tiffany,
    Great meeting you and some of your family last weekend! Thanks for the work you and your church put into making the Faire enjoyable and profitable. Had a great time.


  6. Daniel,

    Glad y'all could make it down! I had a good time chatting with your mom and meeting y'all. All of the work that goes into this event is really a pleasure and we love to hear feedback. Hope to see y'all again at Liberty Day!

  7. Aha! I see the ServenClan in the photos entitled: The breaks in between sessions allowed time for fellowship, counseling, and just plain fun. and Brother and Sister.


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