Monday, October 12, 2009

Well, I decided to combine the last two posts since I'll be away from home for a few days, and won't have access to my photos. So, it's a bit longer than planned, and this only makes four parts instead of five. It really was such a wonderful trip and I hope you've enjoyed the last few posts.

We went to lunch at one of those Mongolian grills. The food was scrumptious and there were so many toppings to choose from.

Around the corner and up the mountain live the adorable Highland Coo. Now honestly, have you ever seen a cow this cute?

The darker ones are much cuter, but I love the contrast when they're together.

Hmmmm, Laura is slicing mushrooms... is stirring something in the cast iron skillet...

...Mrs. H. and Ben are stuffing something...

After calling Mimi for her recipe, mom made some stuffed artichokes. Yes, I helped too, but I wasn't quite as good at it as the others were. :)

It was beauty parlor night, so Laura got her hair cut.

Stage 1: Look like Cousin It.

Ben making milkshakes.

And then he rescued a distressed Emma who said there was a spider under her bed.

Finishing up.

Awwww...her wonderful father and brothers, all ready to protect the lovely lady.

Laura and Mom. Aren't they cute?

When she finished with Laura, she showed Thomas how do the finishing touches when he gives a hair cut.

For those of you who don't know, we missed our flight, so we had to reschedule for the next day.
Em is hunting for her gum.

So I like lemons in my water. Most of the people at the table passed their lemon to me...I think I just about finished that glass of water too.

The girls at our last dinner.

Em flying her own plane in Minneapolis.

And there is our bus with wings.

On our way to the gate.

On our way away from the gate and back to the play area. Yes, we went through this tunnel several times.

I took Em up to the water closet and as I was talking with the flight attendant, I saw this out the window.

Em holds the airplane my mom made with her napkin as she reads the safety booklet.

The sun setting in the west, and so we bring this story to a close.


  1. There are 18 happy pictures in this blog. The rest are sad.

  2. Hello! I found your blog through :) I love looking at pictures of other large families. lol I am the eldest in a family of 9 children (minus me ;). If the beautiful pictures wern't enough, when I saw the still from Call Me Madam (one of my all time favorite films, beside 7 Brides for 7 I just *had* to leave a comment! :) Anyway, I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed day!

  3. Beautiful, Tiffany! :)
    I loved all of the
    "hair cut" pictures...
    and the last with the sky and clouds!

    Love~ Jen

  4. Mr. H.,

    The rest are sad indeed. But, (gets in her Pollyanna mood :)), if there were no endings, there would be no new beginnings... Miss y'all!!!

    Beth Ann,

    LOL, well welcome to the blog! Call Me Madam is almost my top favorite musical. Right next to My Fair Lady. :) 7 Brides for 7 Brothers is so fun too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


    The "beauty parlor" night was loads of fun. So many wonderful memories made that night. Glad you enjoyed reading! :) Next time we'll have to try and get together!

  5. Tiffany,
    Well, we have electricity again, so I had a chance to finally look at your blog. Wonderful pictures, wonderful time. Can't wait for next time.
    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H


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