Thursday, October 08, 2009

As I'm sure many of you have already guessed, our next destination was the beach. I've seen the Gulf of Mexico down in Galveston many times. I've seen the Atlantic on the East coast, but until this trip, I had never seen the great Pacific ocean. Imagine my delight and amazement as we walked down the sandy beach to see this incredible body of water. My friends had told me all about it, but that did not prepare me for what I saw.

We spent many lovely hours playing at the beach. When we finished up at the first place, we began hunting for the perfect place to eat. Clam Chowder was what we were looking for, and when we finally discovered it, we were not disappointed! Being full, warm and content, we headed back out to find another beach to explore. 'Twas a beautiful day, and one of my favorite from the entire trip! I'll warn you ahead of time...there are lots of pictures this time! :)


Yes, to play in the freezing water on a chilly day means that we must have totally lost our marbles!
Photo Credit: Mom

Laura searches for shells, while Sara and Em high tail it out of there.

Watchin' the waves roll in.

Run for your lives!
Photo Credit: Mom

If that was coming for you, wouldn't you be running too?

Sara and Em are all smiles.

Laura continues her hunt for shells.

My lovely mother and me
Photo Credit: Mr. H. or Thomas.

Dear friends.
Photo Credit: Mom

The girls think that they are a pretty good catch too! :)

Sweet girls happily munching on clam chowder. Check out those huge bread bowls!

Mmmmm...what is this I see? Fish Tacos!

Boys will be boys...

To continue the tradition, Hey Nic. I was actually trying to get a picture of the group shopping with the King Crab on the wall, but Nic smiled, so we shall say "Hey." :)
A lovely view.

The parents wondering why the crazy children are playing in the cold water.

With such a view, it's amazing how many things there are to ponder.

Nic bravely advances towards the crashing ocean...

...and then a quick retreat becomes his next course of action.

Mom and Em leaving their footprints in the sand.

Very good catch, Anton!

Apparently, Em and I found something at this moment to be awfully amusing. :)
Photo Credit: Mom

Turn around and run!
Photo Credit: Mom

Why, I do believe Thomas is wishing he could join in the fun and play in the water!

A calm Laura watches her brothers make a mad dash for dry land.

Oh, looks like Thomas has been distracted.

The bridge shrouded in the fog.

As the day begins to wind down, feet need to be cleaned. What could be better than an outdoor shower to get the sand off?

Only, there is no water...

Get a foot massage from Nic! Oh, never mind, he's just getting the sand off Ben's feet.

Big cities mean big traffic.

One last stop before we go home...In-n-Out for dinner! Burgers, fries and milkshakes....mmmm.
A good ending to a perfect day.

Next up:
A visit to the Highland Coo and other odds-n-ends we did.


  1. Tiffany did not mention the bitterly cold fog. I found it to be unwelcome, but maybe the McD's took it in stride. It was a really great day in a really great week.

  2. I REALLY want to go! :(

  3. The memories are wonderful. However, I agree with my DH, it was cold even for us CA ocean lovers.

    It just all went too fast. Maybe you can come next time Abigail!! We missed you.

    It was such a fun day.
    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  4. Lovely... indeed =)

  5. Mr. H.,

    Oh, did I forget to mention that it was cold? How silly...the fun time we had and the wonderful memories overshadow that little tid-bit. :) Lovely times, indeed!


    Me too!!!!! :)

    Mrs. H.,

    It was a fast week and I still feel like I just got home! All ready for round two! :) Love you!


    *smile* We thought so too...glad you agree! :)

  6. Tiffany,

    You did an excellent job on the pics of Sara and Em and Mr. and Mrs. H facing the ocean! I love how you framed the picture of the girls. Their smiles are so full of joyful girlhood! And the picture of the parents is just peaceful and tender. I really like the emotions that you draw out of the viewer in that one! Thank you for sharing with us!

    I have a question, did you take class on photography or just from practicing on family and friends? I would love to be able to capture what you do for our children, pics still look an amateur took them.

    Thanks again for sharing with all of us!

  7. Ah, I miss the ocean. We used to have a beach condo at Gulf Shores, but we sold it a few years ago. *Sigh*


  8. Sara,

    I'm glad you've enjoyed the photos! I've mostly just practiced on family and friends, although I did talk with a local photographer to figure out how our camera worked. I played with the settings for a while, and he encouraged me to find as many ways to take a photo as I could. It's been a learning process, but I've loved every step of it! Now to get some more lenses. :)


    *sigh* I miss the ocean too. :)

  9. I always comment. It sometimes takes me awhile, but I always comment....

    Now, the water really wasn't all that cold. You just have to start running around, let your legs get completely numb, and then everything is fine! Emma had it down pretty well....

    That meal was so good. We were so completely full, it wasn't even funny; we practically rolled out.

    I don't remember the traffic. Where was the traffic?

    More good memories....


  10. Ben,

    Yes, it may take you a're two posts behind! :)

    The water was cold, but the sight was so incredible, I figured I could take it...for a while. :) lol, I think Em was doing that on purpose. :)

    Every meal we had that week was good, and I was always stuffed!

    You don't remember the traffic? That's when...oh, I guess I won't put that here... It was on our way home, before we reached In-N-Out.

    Lovely summer days...

    See you soon!


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