Monday, October 05, 2009

Moving right along to part two! While some of the group made a long trek back to the airport to pick up forgotten luggage, the rest of us stayed home to watch home videos. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in the afternoon activities, that I didn't even think of taking photos! While we watched the videos, dinner preparations began and Ben made pies. That evening we had friends come over for dinner and we ate homemade enchiladas, chips-n-dips (which included some amazing guacamole...I'm sooo spoiled now!! :)), rice and least, I think there were beans.

The following day, mom ran to town for an appointment, and some of our group went to see an adorable tourist town, see the local sights and play in the San Antonio creek. Oh, and the park...cant' forget the park. Em needed time to dry out there. :)

Delicious homemade dips...I'm getting hungry just thinking about them!

Anthony wrapped up in the giant dictionary.

Lil' Em thinks the water is so pretty.

This photo was of Mr. H. was taken from my let me give you six photos from his...

Three of us exploring.

Em kept asking Ben to catch a fish for her. While he tried hard to do so...

...Em started slipping...

...and then she fell in.

While I was wringing the water out of her dress, she insisted that Ben pushed her in.

So she tried to get revenge. Didn't work so well. :)

Em watching the fish.

What a happy smile!

Ben watching the creek...Emma being Emma.

She isn't quite sure what to think of the wild berries.

Ben demonstrates how to go down the slide backwards.

Em thought that was pretty fun, so she did it about a dozen times.

Nice hair. Maybe she can start a new fad.

After lunch, we stopped in at The Peppermint Stick for some delicious ice cream.

With cheeks as pink as hers, you can tell she had been playing hard. Ice cream is so refreshing...until you get thirsty.

Matthew had a birthday while we were there, so here we are, watching him open presents.

We lost Thomas somewhere in that process. :)

What's this? Mom and Mrs. H. in the RV! Once mom got used to the the way things felt, I think she rather enjoyed the ride. Care to guess where we were going?

Hey Nic.

The girls playing.

Ben and Nic lost in a challenging game of chess.

Mr. H. taking us through the lovely mountains!

And then we reached our destination....more pictures from this adventure coming up next!


  1. Oh, right, 'lost' in a challenging game of chess means 'absorbed in'. I was trying to figure out how they both lost. :-)

  2. Raquel,

    lol, I guess I hadn't thought of it that way! That's funny. :) Although, maybe they were lost...

    Mr. H.,

    I know how ya' feel...

  3. Oh.... can't wait to
    see what is next!!! :>)

    Blessings~ Miss Jen

  4. Mine is more like boo-hoo. We missed y'all this past weekend, too.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  5. BTW. I like your photo of DH, my DH!! It's a wonderful setting and should be framed. :)

    Love y'all, Mrs.H

  6. Part II Comments:

    See, what did I tell you? Those hard greenish rocks you have in Illinois are not real avocados. Never did get a mango, did we?

    That giant dictionary is the best book in the house. A great thing to get wrapped up in!

    I was framed! You can see very clearly that she slipped, and the one photo that makes it look like a purposeful act was obviously taken only for the sake of false incrimination!

    Yep, I was with Raquel. It took me a moment to figure out how we both lost!

    Ok, how did you do it? That last photo makes it look sunny at the beach? Are you up to more of your Photoshop tricks again? Almost looks warm....



  7. Mrs. H.,

    I too. :) Sounds like y'all had a blast and I've sooo enjoyed the photos!

    Love you!


    Nope, no mango. Next time.

    *laughs* You were always being're just too nice to fight back. :)

    How did I do that? It's what I saw, really! The water was blue, the ground brown. So, I took the photo a bit over-exposed, and brought out the blues and darkened the ground. Still looks cold to me. :)


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