Friday, October 02, 2009

As some of you may know, mom, Em and I left town for a week to visit friends out west. The entire trip was full of delightful events, deliciously warm weather, dear friends and just hanging out. It was a very special time and we are so grateful to our hosts for putting up with us! We were rather troublesome... :)

We missed our original flight out, which meant we had to wait for about an hour for the next one. I'd brought my book along for such an occasion, so I pulled it out and read for a while. Time slipped right by and before we knew it, we were on our way.
What a welcome sight it was to see familiar faces when we reached our destination! With so many photos to choose from, I've had to break this post up into five parts. This one is among the lighter posts. :)

Em and I waiting in the airport to catch a flight out of town.
So much to see from the sky.

After lunch (we ate at a cute former lighthouse turned restaurant and had seafood!!! Didn't get pictures of that though....) we went to see Mr. H.'s old firehouse.

Arty-sy shots in the firehouse.

The experienced Mr. H. shows us how it's done.

Sara had been waiting to go down the pole for some time. She's a brave girl!

Em didn't get to go down, but she got a ride down the hallway instead.

And then she sort of climbed up. :)

Hey's me in the fire truck! Thanks Mr. H. for getting the photo!

Just a waitin' for a call.

After we finished up at the firehouse, we went to see a baseball game. The Oakland A's were playing against the Texas Rangers, so we just had to go. Pretty good seats too! Although the Rangers played poorly, Em and I cheered them between catching up with friends, of course. :)

Hey Nic!

Anthony, the gourmet chef, is creating something for us.

A friendly little guy came in to say "hello." Today, however, I am using a picture of Sara holding him to say "goodbye."

Check back to see part 2: Visit to San Antonio Creek!


  1. Anonymous10:51 PM

    I just wanted to stop by and say how encouraging I find your blog! I really enjoying reading what you post, especially your travels. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. It looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! I want to go!

  3. Ah, the memories. I am thankful for photos to remind us of all the wonderful things we did. It seemed so short. But oh it was fun.

    Glad you are finally home safe and sound. We mill all y'all. Hugs for everyone.

    Until next time...
    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  4. We actually "miss" all y'all!!

  5. Kattyrae,

    Thank you! It's encouraging to me hear feedback like that. I love to travel and traveling provides wonderful photo ops! :)


    It was fun...hopefully you can go next time!

    Mrs. H.,

    Yes, I love photographs! Although, those home videos were pretty cute too. :) The visit did seem very short, but it left me with so much more to do and see next time! Lots of special things to remember, too.

    Miss y'all so much!

  6. Hey Tiffany...I really enjoy your blog :) I remember you got engaged some time ago, but I haven't read any updates about it since then. When are you planning your wedding, if you don't mind me asking?

    God bless,

  7. FIVE parts!! I'm already crying!!

  8. Jessica,

    Nope, not currently engaged. :) Glad you enjoy reading!

    Mr. H.,

    I picked out about 99 photos to post, so I had to break it up some....what a good time we had, eh? I can't wait to see y'all again and do all the things we didn't have time to do! *wipes tears* Miss you!

  9. Fun times, fun memories. I'm impressed that you are going to be able to fit it into five parts.....

    The hard part about commenting on blog posts where I was there, I can't think of any questions to ask!

    Instead of taxing my limited mental capacities, I shall utter some immortal words, "Go Oakland!!!!!"


  10. Five big parts. :) There were soooo many pictures to choose from, and I couldn't share them all. I'm so selfish, I know. :)

    For somebody who doesn't like baseball, you did a fine job cheering. :)

  11. Oh my....
    looks like you had a simply marvelous time!
    I love the picture of you in the Fire Truck, Tiffany! SO cute....
    and the one of Emma climbing up the pool! LOL :D Darling.....

    Love~ Jen

  12. Jen,

    It was an absolutely wonderful week and way too short! :) The fire house tour was one of the highlights of my week. :)


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