Monday, September 24, 2007

Summer is coming to an end, and so our forest of basil is bound to wither and die soon.  So instead of allowing it to do so, I went out this morning and cut down only one basil plant to make large amounts of pesto for this winter.  With 34 cups of basil, my work was cut out.  So we made regular Parmesan pesto, feta pesto, and feta olive pesto.   

Yes, this is only one plant...

Work should never be done without "sweettea." 

Grace picked the flowers off of the top so we could use the seeds for next year.

Jessica helped for a while, until she discovered a tiny green spider...the rest is history. :)

I tried to ignore the bugs...but it didn't help that they ended up being the same color as my shirt.

One batch down...
The finished product... 

From top to bottom we, I don't remember which is which, but I did label them. :)  Tomorrow we'll put them in smaller jars for freezing.  If you happen to eat at our house this winter, you'll most likely have some...that is, of course, if we decide to share...


  1. Wow, Tiffany! That's gorgeous! I'll bet your house smelled good today!

  2. Yup, it was deliciously aromatic... ;-)

  3. Wow. Thirty-four cups of basil. Just let that sink in for a second. How in the world did you grow basil that produces 34 cups per plant? Of course, my gardening skills are pretty much limited to killing seedlings, so I find your prolific basil plants particularly impressive.

  4. Oooo pesto! Pretty good stuff on noodles! We made some a few weeks ago.

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Hi Tiffany,
    My name is Nathan Davis. My family is the family that some of your family stead with. That pesto has got to be sooo good.:)

  6. Raquel,

    Yup, 34 cups...we used to have somewhere around six plants back in about a forest! lol Our herbs do very well, our vegetables...well...we don't talk about those much. :)


    We had it over cheese filled pasta last night and have been snacking on it all day with pita chips.


    From what I hear, my family had a blast with y'all a few months ago. We are looking forward to y'all coming out to our neck of the woods in May. We probably won't have any of this pesto left...but we should have more basil by then, so if you remind us, I'm sure we'd be more than happy to whip up some more. :)

  7. Oh man that sound so good! Was it tortellini ravioli?

  8. I think it was tortellini. I'm not a big ravioli eater...the few cans that we comsumed for lunch when I was younger were enough to scar me for life.

  9. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I can't wait till May. You can count on me to remind to make some pesto.

  10. Nathan,

    No I said, we'd be MORE than happy to make some more...;-) We're always looking for excuses to make pesto. lol


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