Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unfortunately, I was only able to catch part of the debate last night, so I'm hoping they put the video clips up soon.  I know some people that went out to Florida for the debate, but I didn't realize they were going to *be part* of it...lol James Lansberry, a friend of ours was one of the many people asking questions...

Samaritan Ministries International, James Lansberry - HEALTH CARE

 "I'm James Lansberry of Samaritan Ministries. Nations with socialized medicine reduce the cost of their health care systems by restricting patient access to needed treatments and health care rationing. Will you protect the availability of needed medical care by opposing current efforts to subject Americans to government-mandated health insurance and universal coverage?"  


  1. Tiffany, I got the address of your blog through your mother's. I have read Raising Maidens of Virture, and it was definitely a blessing. I see your blog as being of great encouragement to me.

    As to the subject to which I am leaving a comment, our family isn't into the whole universal healthcare thing, either. We also use Samaritan Ministries, and we would like to keep it that way!

    God Bless!
    Gabrielle (Ella)
    (Blog address in profile:-)

  2. Not sure if you will ever read the comment I left in response to yours on my blog. I met Alice Valine through Family Reformation Magazine. Naomi wrote an article, Mom contacted her, and I met Alice as the end result. We have been e-friends for over two years, and Lord willing, we will be able to meet next summer/fall.

  3. Ella,

    That is so funny! I hope y'all get to meet...Alice is a doll. :)


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