Friday, September 21, 2007

We went to Christ Orchard early this afternoon.  After taste testing a bunch of apples, we finally made our decisions and then headed out to the U-Pick fields so the little girls could have a bit of fun.  

One of the many rows of apples...
Red Delicious apples...not my favorite in the grocery store, but then again I'm told they dye and wax the apples in repulsive...
Mom and the little girls.
Abigail, Emma, Virginia Grace and their apples.
No-dye+no hormones+no waxing= delicious
Right before I took this picture, there was actually a fly on one of these apples...Abigail saw it, dropped (or threw) her apples on the ground and started screaming. :) 
Emma and her apple.  The pink area below her bottom lip is not food, just in case you thought we left it there. :)  
Grace picking her share.
I saw these flowers and couldn't resist getting their photograph.  As usual, I put the more "art-sy" ones on my photo blog.
And last but not least, Grace and Mom heading back with a bag of fresh apples...I won't tell you how many different kinds we ended up with. :)  I smell some apple pies, apple crisps, applesauces, the near future...


  1. What a sweet time it appears you had with your younger sister...and your mother. I wish I had some sweet little sisters in my life to do things with and take pictures of. You are extremely blessed.

  2. Apple pie sounds yummy !! Tiffany do you want to come to WA and make me some ! I'll make you some chocolate chip cookies ! :)

  3. Ella,

    Well, if you want to come share in the fun, you are more than welcome too! :) I'm not biased or anything, but I have the best little sisters in the world. ;-)


    You know, I think I'll take you up on that offer! lol I wish it was as easy as that...maybe I'll make an apple e-pie for my friends who aren't here to eat it. Oh...I've got it...I have a suprise for you...I'll let you know when it's ready... ;-)

  4. What gorgeous photos, you are a great photographer!

  5. lol! Yes Tiffany, you really must come! We've got guest rooms and everything, just in case you needed extra inducement... : D

  6. You have a spare room?!?! *gasp* You really mean it, we could sleep in the spare room?!?!? ;-) Your crazy old aunt won't be using that room, will she?

  7. I never could stand to wait very long !!! so you better hurry ! :o)

    I don't think that any of Cassie crazy aunts will be using that room.... but you never know about her crazy friends !! :P LOL


  8. Looks like fun! Check out my blog if you get a See you!

  9. Melissa,

    Hey, I don't mind her crazy friends...:) The more the merrier, right? lol Suprise coming soon...

  10. your very right Tiffany !! I really like her crazy friends !! because they are mine too !!


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