Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yesterday, three families from church came over to our house to do some work on our property. They were able to remove trees, set up shelves and clean the "dance floor" in our "carriage house," clean the garage, work on our fence and install light fixtures in our room. Yesterday also happened to be my mother's birthday, so I made her all-time favorite dessert, banana pudding. We had a fabulous day with all y'all and are so grateful for all of the hard work you did on our property.

After dinner and dessert, we went down to our carriage house for some dancing. After much instruction on my part and clapping from Lenna to help them keep the beat, I think those dancing were able to learn two new dances. :) Here are some photos for your enjoyment.

The dancing group last night. Isn't our ballroom so beautiful! ;-) (L-R: Caleb, Josiah, Emil, Ashton, Jessica, Melissa, Sierra, Grace and Me) Lenna, thanks for getting some of these photos!

I don't remember which dance this one was, but I'm assuming it's the Virginia Reel. I was waiting for them to throw each other into the other dancers. :)

Much nicer...looking a little more organized, y'all. ;-)

Emil B. and Melissa trying to get through Caleb and Sierra.

Josiah and Jessica tried too. ;-)

I think Josiah was wearing glasses to keep the dead bugs from falling in his eyes...and I think Ashton was trying to kill the bugs with that bright flash of his. ;-)

Dad and Mom visiting. (My dad has a new blog !)

Mr. and Mrs. Bandy

Dad and Mr. Bandy discussing the fence.

Ashton putting the shelves together.

Mr. Candler cutting down trees.

Mr. Niesen also cutting down trees.

No party is a complete without "Sweetea."


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Thats the problem about being vertically challenged, it's hard to get under those bridges.

    Emil Bandy

  2. Great pictures - I must say, though, that dancing pictures typically are the best :)

  3. Emil,

    It doesn't help that Caleb is also vertically challenged...in a different way. :)


    I have to agree, even if they are a little blurry, dancing pictures are the best! :)


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