Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last night we had our dear friends, the Riggenbachs over to share a Lebanese feast with us.   We started dinner preparations the day before, to ensure that we would be able to enjoy several of our favorite dishes.  We made a few new things, some old favorites and then attempted to copy some dishes that we used to eat at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Houston.

In the end, and keeping to Lebanese tradition, our menu consisted of lamb, grilled zucchini and onion, stuffed grape leaves, Tabbuli, Chimmichurri sauce(which isn't Middle Eastern, just a favorite), Feta and mint dip, hummus, pita chips, flat bread,  Spanokapita and Baklava.  Here are a few pictures:

An "art-sy" shot of the grape leaves.
Spanokapita (or "Spinach-Feta Baklava" as my mom calls it. ;-))
This side of the plate, from L-R, shows the Tabbuli, Feta-Mint Dip, and Hummus.
Baklava...need I say more?
I could not, for the life of me, make my grape leaves as nice as my Mom and Jessica could...maybe it has something to do with them having fine motor skills...

And no, I won't tell you which ones are mine.
My mom getting ready to steam the grape leaves.
The *best* grape leaf stuffer-makers ever!
Grace and Abigail were waiting rather impatiently for our company to arrive, so they counted to sixty hoping they would arrive faster.

Jessica and I thought that since we were eating Middle Eastern food, why not go for the dress as well...
...but we forgot to pass the "costume party" details along...
Grilled Zucchini, Garlic and Onion
I forgot to take a picture of our Chimmichurri sauce before we started eating it...sorry. :)
A Stuffed Grape Leaf

No, this wasn't my plate...I made it for my dad so that everything would be arranged *artistically.*


  1. I'm coming to your house for dinner tomorrow!

    Those stuffed grape leaves look so good. I've had them once before, ages ago.

  2. lol, if y'all ever come visit, I'll be sure to remember to put them (and the pesto) on the menu. ;-)

  3. That sounds good! Pesto and stuffed grape leaves. *drool*

  4. I'm coming too! :D

  5. Do you always eat this yummy at your house? It looks fantastic!


  6. Cassie,

    Please, do come! :) We'd love to have you!


    I personally think we always have good food! No, our dinners don't usually consist of so much food. I'd love to cook food like this everyday but real life doesn't allow it, especially when I have costume deadlines looming over me. lol :)

  7. do you have room for 6 more ? :)

  8. Melissa dear,

    We have a full walk-out basement with a futon in the living room area, tons of floor space, a "spare room" holding a queen size bed, with no crazy aunt(tragic isn't it? ;-)), a bathroom and a kitchen...that is currently my sewing room, but hey! I can move things around if y'all need the space! :) Six more would be nothing...but pray tell, who do you plan on bringing down? ;-)

    You know, our Reformation Day Faire is coming could come out for that...hehehe...;-D

  9. Very tempting !! I was thinking of my whole family but .... there is Me, Cassie, Sarah, Jaqueline, Priscilla, and..... huh I guess that is all ! :P To bad none of us have money for a plane ticket and none of us have a drivers license !

  10. lol, Yeah, that's too bad...we've got to arrange some really good reason for all y'all to come out this way...or for us to go up that way... ;-)

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