Monday, September 17, 2007

We had so much going on this past week it seems amazing that we were able to fit it all in such a short time.  The weather has been a bit on the *nippy* side lately, so we've had the windows open and the kids have had a blast outside.  Caleb is planning on posting some other pictures from things we did earlier this week. 

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of hosting the Sanford family and had a delightful time, as usual. ;-)  An unfinished round of Four-on-a-Couch was played and since it looked like the game would never end, we switched to Taboo.  After dinner, we traipsed down to the "carriage house" for some English Country dancing. Here are a *few* pictures from our week. 

William decided that he was going to learn how to play golf...the only problem is, we don't have miniature golf clubs he figured a hockey stick would be just as good.

It would seem that Jessica and I have met our match in Taboo...we're going to have to keep an eye on Garrison and Josh.
Here are some of us left on the dance floor...the others were fortunate enough to escaped the paparazzi...
Front row L-R: Josh, Adrianna, and Garrison
Back Row L-R - Me, Melinda, Melissa, Jessica and Susanna
...and gentlemen.

One of our many traditions is to make pumpkin muffins on the first cold day of the year.
William didn't seem too excited about getting his haircut...
...but then we fed him some dinner mints and he behaved like an angel. ;-)
Wililam's new look.


  1. Sierra1:56 PM

    Wow, you actually got Derick and Peter to dance? :) Looks like ya'll had so much fun! I can't wait till next time we ALL do it!

  2. I'm just wondering, what kind of camera do you have (brand and model) as well as lens?

  3. Sierra,

    Yeah, I taught them Hunting the Fox...we'll have to do that one next. :)


    We have a Canon Rebel XT...lens...I'll have to go look and get back with you...;-)

  4. Sierra they actually did a great job and I think they actually *ahem* enjoyed it!!! :D
    it was a ton of fun! I wish you could've been there!!


  5. Melinda6:58 PM

    hey everyone lets celebrate Peter actually said he had fun dancing that night!! YAHOO!

  6. HE DID!!!!!!!!! Yeah...I know...let's have a ball! :)


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